On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 5:01 PM, John Gietzen <jgiet...@woot.com> wrote:
> Background:
> Windows, git version 1.8.3.msysgit.0
> bare repo, 54k commits after migration from HG
> git filter-branch --prune-empty -- --all
> I'm trying to clean up our repository after migrating it from HG.  I'm 
> running the filter-branch command listed above in an effort to clean up all 
> of garbage commits that HG required ("closing branch" commits and their ilk).
> From my past experience, "git filter-branch" is extremely quick when using 
> simple filters, like env-filter, since it doesn't have to touch the working 
> dir.  However, in our case each revision is taking 1-3 seconds; our entire 
> repo will take 30 hours to clean up at this rate.  Normally, this wouldn't be 
> a problem, except that we are getting "sh.exe couldn't start" errors after 
> anywhere between the 5000th and 6000th rewritten commit.  Filter-branch 
> doesn't have support for picking up where it left off, so we are entirely 
> unable to clean up our repo.

Indeed, I remember writing my own simplified version of 'git
filter-branch' that was much faster. If I recall correctly, the trick
was avoiding 'git write-tree' which can be done if you are not using
any tree filter, but 'git filter-branch' is not that smart.

If all you want to do is prune empty commits, it should be easy to
write a script that simply does 'git commit-tree'. I might decide to
do that based on my script if I have time today.

Felipe Contreras
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