Hi all,

I would like to craft my `.gitattributes` in a way that all files
expect those specified in it are treated as binary from a line-ending
normalization point of view (and diff viewing).

But I was not able to achieve it right now. When having this in my
`.gitattributes`, git treats all files as binary, even the one
explicitly specified like `*.txt`:

    *.txt text
    * binary

I tried with:

    *.txt text
    * -text

And it does not seem to work correctly neither because then, my
`test.txt` file is not having correct line ending when setting
`core.eol` to `crlf` (or using `eol=crlf` in the `.gitattributes`

So, is it possible to do something like that? If yes, is my sample
`.gitattributes` should work?

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