Thomas Gummerer <> writes:

> +For performance tests that need cleaning up after them that should not
> +be timed, use
> +
> +     test_perf_cleanup 'descriptive string' '
> +             command1 &&
> +             command2
> +     ' '
> +             cleanupcommand1 &&
> +             cleanupcommand2
> +     '
> +

Hmm, if "not timing the clean-up actions" is the primary goal, is it
an option to reuse test_when_finished for this (you may have to make
sure that the commands run inside it are not timed; I didn't check).

One thing I felt uneasy about the above construct is that it makes
cleanupcommand2 responsible for handling cases where not just
command2 but also command1 might have failed.

Compared to that, test-when-finished allows you to control what
clean-up to do depending on what have already been done, i.e.

        test_when_finished 'undo what command1 would have done' &&
        command1 &&
        test_when_finished 'undo what command2 would have done' &&
        command2 &&

The second "undo command2" must be prepared for the case where
command2 may have failed in the middle, but it can at least rely on
command1 having succeeded when it is run.
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