One of our Perl scripts that does a git clone suddenly 
started to fail when I upgraded to git 1.8.4 from

The failing Perl code used a construct like this:

        Git::command_oneline('clone', $url, $path);

There is no error raised, but the directory specified by 
$path is not created. If I look at the process using strace 
I can see the clone taking place, but then it seems to get 
a broken pipe since the code above only cares about the 
first line from stdout (and with the addition of "Checking 
connectivity..." git clone now outputs two lines to stdout).

If I change the code to:

        my @foo = Git::command('clone', $url, $path);

it works as expected.

I have attached a simple Perl script that shows the problem.
Run it as " <git url>". With git 1.8.4 it will 
fail for the first two test cases, whereas with older git 
versions it succeeds for all four test cases.

I hope this is enough information for someone to look into 
this regression.

Best regards,


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