Nazri Ramliy <> writes:

> Now I'm noticing that you've already made the above fixes in next ;)

Yes.  I said I'd locally tweak and queue, didn't I?

>>> +test_expect_success '"git -C <path>" runs git from the directory <path>' '
>>> +     test_create_repo dir1 &&
>>> +     echo 1 >dir1/a.txt &&
>>> +     (cd dir1 && git add a.txt && git commit -m "initial in dir1") &&
>> Curious why this does not use -C here.
> It didn't use -C there because it's in the "prepare the expected test
> output" stage and we want that to succeed, whether -C works or not - we
> haven't reached the part where we are actually testing the -C option,

Good thinking.

Will queue as an incremental update on top of what is already in 'next'.

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