Jeff King <> writes:

> An alternative would be to write the new entries to a temporary index
> in memory. And then you can throw away the entries in the current index
> that match the pathspec, and add in the entries from the temporary
> index. I was just hoping that unpack-trees would do all of that for me.
> :)

Isn't a "go there" one-way merge with pathspecs very similar to what
happens in "reset -- pathspec" except for the working tree part?  I
suspect that it may be sufficient to mimic the read_from_tree() and
adapt update_index_from_diff() callback in builtin/reset.c to also
update the working tree (and we can do so unconditionally without
checking if we have any local modification in this case, which
simplifies things a lot), but I may be missing something.

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