SZEDER Gábor wrote:

>   $ time __git_index_files "--others --modified"
>   untracked-dir
>   real        0m0.537s
>   user        0m0.452s
>   sys 0m0.160s
> Eliminate this delay by additionally passing the '--directory
> --no-empty-directory' options to 'git ls-files' to show only the
> directory name of non-empty untracked directories instead their whole
> content:
>   $ time __git_index_files "--others --modified --directory 
> --no-empty-directory"
>   untracked-dir
>   real        0m0.029s
>   user        0m0.020s
>   sys 0m0.004s

Nice.  This is what "git status" uses, too.

> Filename completion for 'git clean' suffers from the same delay, as it
> offers untracked files, too.  The fix could be the same, but since it
> actually makes sense to 'git clean' empty directories, in this case we
> only pass the '--directory' option to 'git ls-files'.

Also sensible.

For what it's worth,
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