On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 8:52 AM, Martin Gregory
<mart...@adelaideinterim.com.au> wrote:
> Something that would help is an easier way to debug sparse-checkout rules.
> When something goes wrong, there appears to be no way to understand what
> git thinks it's reading.   I'm not sure if such a way, if it existed, would 
> help with
> trailing spaces, but if you could say
> git read-tree -muv HEAD
> and it would say
> reading '.git\info\sparse-checkout'...
> rule '/CONFIGURATION ' - no matches
> that would solve actually two problems:
> 1) You can see that it thinks there is a space there
> 2) the config file name is sparse-checkout, with a dash, not sparsecheckout...
> a mistake I made that had me scratching my head for some time, since 
> everywhere
> else it doesn't have a dash!

"git check-ignore" is the closet one to this. Remember sparse-checkout
and .gitignore share the same syntax, you could feed sparse-checkout
file to check-ignore. You (or somebody else) may need to improve
check-ignore a bit, though, to show the quotes because I don't think
it does now.
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