Jeff King <> writes:

> Commit a908047 taught format-patch the "--from" option,
> which places the author ident into an in-body from header,
> and uses the committer ident in the rfc822 from header.  The
> documentation claims that it will omit the in-body header
> when it is the same as the rfc822 header, but the code never
> implemented that behavior.
> This patch completes the feature by comparing the two idents
> and doing nothing when they are the same (this is the same
> as simply omitting the in-body header, as the two are by
> definition indistinguishable in this case). This makes it
> reasonable to turn on "--from" all the time (if it matches
> your particular workflow), rather than only using it when
> exporting other people's patches.

This fix makes 100% sense to me under the assumption that the
"--from" option is a good idea, but then it makes me wonder why we
need the option in the first place.  What would break if we made
pp->from_ident default to the value of GIT_COMMITTER_IDENT?
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