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> Skickat: fredag, 20 sep 2013 16:17:38
> Ämne: GIT Plug-in for PowerBuilder
> Hello Team,
>           We wish to use GITSCC plug-in with PowerBuilder for application
>           source-control with GIT GUI,
> We downloaded GitScc.msi setup file from PushOK website, unfortunately when
> file was downloaded and before we could initialize installation
> Symantec Endpoint Protection reported the file to be infected was considered
> to be a potential security threat.
> Our company security team has denied us from using the above plug-in.
> We wish to know is there any alternative plug-in for PowerBuilder-GIT
> available which is secure & safe and also you can suggest us to use it.
> Request you to kindly revert and please advise on this matter, Thanks.

That's the only one I know of. Fortunately, since Git does not lock files, you
really don't need a plugin. Just run git gui side by side with your IDE and
you'll be fine.

I asked PushOK about that plugin a long time ago and they did not support it.
Now it seems they forgot they have the web site, hence the "extras" included.

-- robin
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