Hi, Git l10n teams

I created a new branch "pu" in the l10 coordinator repository to
hold proposed updates of "po/git.pot" for translations. See commit
log for hints:

commit e9d227174abf2b7f66a7027a509886f9cba1adea

    l10n: git.pot: proposed updates since v1.8.4 (48+)

    The 1st round of Git l10n often starts very late duing the release
    cycle of Git, usually after the release of rc1. This leads to a
    gaint update of "po/git.pot" and lots of works for translators with
    a tight deadline (about one week).

    This "pu" branch holds proposed updates of the file "po/git.pot" for
    Git next release (1.8.5), and will be updated and rewound without
    notification when there are remarkable updates for it.

    Translators could work on this "pu" branch before the l10n coordinator
    starts the 1st round of l10n for this release cycle of Git, and
    rebase their works onto the master branch (with the commit for the
    1st round of l10n), then send pull request to the l10n coordinator.

    Please note:

     1. Because this branch will be rewound occasionally, translators
        SHOULD NOT merge, but SHOULD rebase to this rewound branch

            $ git fetch git://github.com/git-l10n/git-po.git pu
            $ git rebase --onto FETCH_HEAD HEAD~1

     2. Update your translated message file "po/XX.po".

            $ msgmerge --add-location --backup=off -U "po/XX.po" \

     3. Then start to translate "po/XX.po" and commit.

     4. DO NOT send pull request to the l10n coordinator for
        translations on this "pu" branch.

     5. When the l10n coordinator starts the 1st round l10n for the
        current Git release cycle, translators should rebase and squash
        their works onto the master branch, and then send pull request.

            $ git fetch git://github.com/git-l10n/git-po.git master
            $ git rebase --onto FETCH_HEAD HEAD~1

    Signed-off-by: Jiang Xin <worldhello....@gmail.com>

Hope this may help, and not bring troubles.

Jiang Xin
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