Benoit Person <> writes:

> The latest API renamed and moved the "continuing" information in the
> response, necessary to build the next query. The code failed to retrieve
> that information but still detected that it was in a "continuing
> query". As a result, it launched the same query over and over again.

Good, that's much cleaner.

> +             if ($result->{'query-continue'}) { # For legacy APIs
> +                     $query->{rvstartid} = 
> $result->{'query-continue'}->{revisions}->{rvstartid};
> +             } elsif ($result->{continue}) { # For newer APIs

I'd rather have the comments say "# API version < X" and "# API version
>= X". Next time the API change, "new" Vs "old" will become meaningless.

(But that should not block the patch from inclusion)


Matthieu Moy
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