I'm trying to use the diff-algorithm option for recursive merge, but get the 
above error.  I've tried various different ways of specifying the option, but 
none work.

To try and find what the correct syntax is I tried peeping into the source 
code, and it looks like it may actually be an error in the code.

This is from merge-recursive.c line 2072:

        else if (!strcmp(s, "diff-algorithm=")) {
                long value = parse_algorithm_value(s+15);
                if (value < 0)
                        return -1;
                /* clear out previous settings */
                DIFF_XDL_CLR(o, NEED_MINIMAL);
                o->xdl_opts &= ~XDF_DIFF_ALGORITHM_MASK;
                o->xdl_opts |= value;

I believe !strcmp(s, "diff-algorithm=") should actually be !prefixcmp(s, 

Could someone confirm this is a bug, and is there any other way I can specify 
the diff algorithm?

Many Thanks,

Luke Noel-Storr.
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