Am 25.09.2013 16:47, schrieb Stefan Näwe:
> Just a quick report since I don't have time to bisect now (will do later
> if no other gitster is faster...)

Seems to be somewhere between v1.8.3.1 (OK) and v1.8.3.2 (not OK) !!

> When I execute the below script 'git show' crashes. 'git log --oneline -2' 
> gives
> for example:
>   3808bade5b76c4663ac4a3f751dc9f1ed0b08f2e three
>   error: Could not read 1e8777edeb2b7e757f74c789e679fc6c71073897
>   fatal: Failed to traverse parents of commit 
> 0aa4ef86004f5bb29f67e971d7963f5cf430c668
> gdb backtrace of one run is attached.
> It happens on 32-bit Debian (5.0.10), 64-bit openSUSE (12.2), and Windows XP 
> with git 1.8.4
> on all systems.
> The help of 'git fetch' says:
>   --depth=<depth>
>       Deepen or shorten the history of a shallow repository created by git 
> clone with
>       --depth=<depth> option (see git-clone(1)) to the specified number of 
> commits from
>       the tip of each remote branch history. Tags for the deepened commits 
> are not fetched.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------^^^^^^^^^
> But that's not true. The tag 'two' (from the script below) gets fetched when
> deepening the repository.

v1.8.3.1 fetches the tag also.

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python -c "print 
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