Jona Christopher Sahnwaldt <> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> tl;dr: The short form "git checkout foo" is a mess. There's simply too
> much "DWIM" magic going on. There are no comprehensible rules how it
> decides if "foo" is a pathspec or a refspec.

There is a very simple rule:

What's on the left hand side of -- are refs, what's on the right hand
side are paths.

When you don't use --, then Git tries to guess, and fails whenever
there's an ambiguity.

>> OK, what happens is that "git checkout wiktionary" is actually a
>> shorthand for "git checkout -b wiktionary --track origin/wiktionary".
> No, it isn't.

What I meant was that the short form advised by people were _meant_ to
be a shorthand.

> Let's consider several scenarios:

I don't get your point. Is the overly long list a way of complaining?
Are you suggesting a change? What do you think about the change I'm

Matthieu Moy
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