Stefan Beller <>:
> According to
> Eric, the original author of ciabot, doesn't want the ciabot
> no longer be included in git.git, hence the removal of the
> whole directory.

Note: I was *not* the original author of the ciabot scripts.  I was
their maintainer (baton passed to me by the original authors) when
the CIA service irrecoverably crashed, and did suggest they be
removed.  (It is however true that I had rewritten the scripts
pretty heavily, enough so to perhaps be considered a coauthor.)

Junio demurred based on some representations that a development team
not including the CIA author had plans to revive the CIA service.  I said
"Wait and see, then" - having the ciabot stuff carried in git was
doing me no harm, I was just doing what I thought was my duty by
suggesting the cleanup.

That was almost exactly a year ago now.  The CIA revival effort has since 
sunk without trace.  In part, this is because I fielded a much simpler 
and properly decentralized replacement called "irker" which is now 
widely enough deployed to have suppressed the demand for CIA.  Repository
hook scripts for irker ship with the irker distribution.

I think enough time has passed that removal would be appropriate.
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