Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy wrote:

> commit 6000334 (clone: allow cloning local paths with colons in them -
> 2013-05-04) is added to make it possible to specify a path that has
> colons in it without file://, e.g. ../foo:bar/somewhere. But the check
> is a bit loose.
> Make sure we only check so when no protocol is specified and the url
> is not started with '['.

More precisely, this disables the "'/' before ':'" check when the
url has been mangled by '[]' unwrapping (which only happens if the
URL starts with '[' and contains an ']' at some point later).

If I try to clone "[foo]bar/baz:qux", after this change it will act as
though I specified the remote repository "foo:qux" instead of the local
repository "./foo:qux" as before this change.  Both are wrong ---
that's a bug for another day.

Thanks, both.
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