On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 1:17 PM, Felipe Contreras
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> Junio C Hamano wrote:

>> In other words, now the Git user and developer community are strong
>> and thriving,
>> we should strive to make the core smaller, not larger, and encourage people 
>> to
>> form more third party communities that specialise in the areas the
>> participant of
>> these communities are stronger than those who are involved in the core
>> (e.g. like
>> myself, Peff, Nico, Jonathan, etc.). For programs that talk remote-helper or
>> credential-helper protocols, for example, it is wasteful to have them
>> in our contrib/
>> and have the changes to them go through my tree, with the same coding style
>> standard applied to the core, which would in the longer term only add
>> unnecessary overhead to what they want to do and what their effort supply the
>> users with.
> Of course, we can make the core smaller, by replacing all the perl/shell
> scripts with ruby ones.
> Sure, it would be better if all the scripts were rewritten in C, but that has
> been going on for years, and there's no end in sight, and not that much
> progress at all.
> So, it's fair to say that the rewrite to C is just not going to happen any 
> time
> soon, and if we accept that, we should accept that an interim solution is
> needed, because Windows users are important and they are hurting right now, 
> and
> that solution could definitely be Ruby.
> Rewriting scripts to C is hard, rewriting them to Ruby is easy, and one of the
> advantages of rewriting to Ruby, is that having the C->Ruby bindings available
> would make it easy to replace part of the scripts chunk by chunk, so we could
> have a half Ruby, half C script, and eventually 100% C.
> This is a practical solution, it's a realistic path to move forward, not one
> based on wishful thinking and intentions that never get realized.
> Once again, the perfect being the enemy of the good in the Git project, even
> when the good leads to perfect.

I think I've pretty much demonstrated that Ruby would be an excellent
tool to make the code smaller with my 44 patch series.

Felipe Contreras
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