Hi folks,

sometimes when I send a patch, I want to reply it to an existing e-mail,
using pretty much the same recipient list. Currently, I have to:

 - copy-paste the message id for --in-reply-to header
 - copy one address for --to
 - copy the other addresses for the --cc's

Since I can't just chuck a list of addresses into --cc and I need to
quote every one because of the <> and spaces in there, this feels like
it's more tedious than needed.

It seems like there should be a weay to just copy paste the headers from
the original e-mail into the stdin of git send-email or a wrapper script
and let it sort things out from there.

Is there any interest in something like this? Does anyone else perhaps
already have such a script lying around?

(After writing this mail, I just noticed "[PATCH] git-send-email: two
new options: to-cover, cc-cover", which could help a bit to simplify
things, but not quite as far as I'm proposing here...)



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