Hi Stefan,

On 10/03/2013 07:50 PM, Stefan Pochmann wrote:
> 1) The links to Matthew's lists on the bottom of
> http://git-scm.com/downloads/guis are dead (I get 404s).

git-scm is an open sourced site and hosted on GitHub.
It is providing some information for git, but also on github.
(It was started by the github founder iirc)
Improvements by your own or just filling an issue, would be best at

> 2) Wondering whether TortoiseGit is mentioned anywhere, I typed
> tortoisegit into the top right search box, hit enter and got to
> http://git-scm.com/search/results?search=tor (note the ending - I did
> type the whole word but it got cut off!). I'm not *that* fast at
> typing, but apparently I'm still way too fast for the search box, as
> it does work when I wait a second or two before I hit enter.

Same thing, it's git-scm related, please get in touch there.

> 3) Trying to contact you I first looked at the bottom of the page, the
> link to https://github.com/github/gitscm-next was the only that made
> some sense, and there I don't see contact information, even though
> that README does say " contact me first" at some point (and who is
> that "me"?).

I'd assume the "me" is https://github.com/schacon the founder of github.
The README may be outdated there.
This is the mailing list for the git project, which is run by different
people than the github company.

> 4) When I found this email address and sent a mail with items 1)-3), I
> got a rejection reply saying " The message contains HTML subpart".
> Very annoying. I'm trying to help here by pointing out problems, and
> you're making it really inconvenient.

On this mailing list html is not appreciated as you wouldn't gain much
from it with respect to the development or discussion of git, only
larger emails.

Thanks for writing to the list, but it may be not the best place for
reporting git-scm.com issues.


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