I've noticed that man git-pack-objects describes cmdline as following

'git pack-objects' [-q | --progress | --all-progress] [--all-progress-implied]
[--no-reuse-delta] [--delta-base-offset] [--non-empty]
[--local] [--incremental] [--window=<n>] [--depth=<n>]
[--revs [--unpacked | --all]] [--stdout | base-name]
[--keep-true-parents] < object-list

while OPTIONS sections has even more options, --no-reuse-objects for instance.

Should it be dealt with and how?
- add smth like ... at the tail of options in synopsys to indicate
that there are more options
- add all the [--options] to synopsys
- drop all the [--options] as they all are optional
- pick only the most common/important ones like -q --progress, per
command or per command classes (hard to maintain and/or verify?)
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