On 10/08/2013 10:16 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Chris J Arges <christopherar...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Add colorized text for git blame when color.interactive is enabled.
> It does not make any sense to tie this to color.interactive at all,
> at least to me.  The "check color.blame and if absent fall back to
> color.ui", which is the usual pattern, would be more appropriate.
Ok, I wasn't entirely sure of convention, but I could modify it to do this.

>> +static char blame_colors[][COLOR_MAXLEN] = {
>> +    GIT_COLOR_NORMAL,       /* PLAIN */
>> +    GIT_COLOR_YELLOW,       /* COMMIT */
>> +    GIT_COLOR_BOLD,         /* NAME */
>> +    GIT_COLOR_CYAN,         /* LINE */
>> +    GIT_COLOR_GREEN,        /* TIME */
>> +};
> Unlike "git grep", where some pieces of a single line are more
> interesting (i.e. the exact text matching the pattern given) than
> others (i.e. other text on the same line), and "git diff", where
> some lines have different meanings from others (i.e. hunk header,
> deleted lines, added lines, context lines), the output from "git
> blame" is already columnar and it is obvious to the reader of the
> output that everything on the leftmost part of all lines is commit
> object name, without distraction of extra colours; I do not see much
> point in painting the output into vertical stripes of colours.
I mainly did this because it makes it easier for me to see where the
different columns start and stop.

> It may make more sense to assign one colour to each blame origin
> (i.e. <commit, path> pair), to make it clear that first five lines
> came from the same origin that is different from the two lines that
> follow, etc., showing horizontal stripes of colours. If we were to
> go that route, I suspect that it would be too distracting to paint
> the whole line (like "git diff" does for added or deleted
> lines). Perhaps paint only the commit object name part in different
> colors to show which lines form a group that came from the same
> origin?  The way "git show-branch" paints its output might give an
> inspiration.
This could provide a more useful colorization; in addition if something
as simple as the line number was colorized it would provide a easy way
for me to see where the code column starts.

--chris j arges

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