Users often find that "next" and "prev" do the opposite of what they
expect.  For example, "next" moves to the next match down the list, but
that is almost always backwards in time.  Renaming "next" to "older"
and "prev" to "newer" makes it clear where the buttons will take the user.

(Apologies to Lucas and Paul -- my previous patch email didn't include
the git list.)

 gitk | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gitk b/gitk
index 5cd00d8..e610010 100755
--- a/gitk
+++ b/gitk
@@ -2244,8 +2244,8 @@ proc makewindow {} {
     # build up the bottom bar of upper window
     ${NS}::label .tf.lbar.flabel -text "[mc "Find"] "
-    ${NS}::button .tf.lbar.fnext -text [mc "next"] -command {dofind 1 1}
-    ${NS}::button .tf.lbar.fprev -text [mc "prev"] -command {dofind -1 1}
+    ${NS}::button .tf.lbar.fnext -text [mc "older"] -command {dofind 1 1}
+    ${NS}::button .tf.lbar.fprev -text [mc "newer"] -command {dofind -1 1}
     ${NS}::label .tf.lbar.flab2 -text " [mc "commit"] "
     pack .tf.lbar.flabel .tf.lbar.fnext .tf.lbar.fprev .tf.lbar.flab2 \
        -side left -fill y

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