On Wed, Oct 09, 2013 at 08:54:25PM +0200, bpuzon wrote:

> I was wondering if a patch that adds the tag information (something
> like what "git log --decorate" produces) to the "git status" would be
> welcome?

Do you mean when you are on a branch that also happens to point at the
same commit found at a tag? Or do you mean when you have detached your
HEAD at a tag (e.g., by doing "git checkout v1.0").

In the latter case, git v1.8.3 and later will print the tag name

If the former, I don't have a strong opinion (it is not something I
would find useful, but I can see how others might). If it were not
intrusive, like:

  # On branch master (v1.0)

I don't think anybody would complain. It does involve enumerating all of
the refs to calculate it, which might be noticeable. OTOH, "status" is
not exactly a lightweight operation already, since it has to refresh the
whole index.

You might also consider just showing "git describe" output, which will
show a tag if you are on it, but also show your distance to the nearest
tag otherwise.  It is more expensive to calculate, though.

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