As discussed on #git irc:

git init
vim file1
vim file2
git add file1
git add file2
git commit -m 'foo'
vim file1
vim file2
vim file3
vim file4
git add -p file1 # add part of file1, use 'e' to change code too.
git add file2 # add all of file2
git add file3
git stash # do a stash

hack hack hack
git add, commit.

git stash apply
# whoa! all my changes to index are gone!

fail fail... :( sad sad.

git reset HEAD
git stash apply --index

# phew, there are my changes.
git stash apply --index # the --index should be the default!

if you:
git stash pop
then DATA LOSS. (because you forgot the --index)

Made this super clear. #git agrees this is a bug, if only a UI default
bug. Pretty serious though.



PS: please cc me on replies, as I'm not subscribed to list.

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