brian m. carlson wrote:

> --- a/Documentation/config.txt
> +++ b/Documentation/config.txt
> @@ -1516,6 +1516,15 @@ http.postBuffer::
>       massive pack file locally.  Default is 1 MiB, which is
>       sufficient for most requests.
> +http.continue::
> +     Ensure that authentication succeeds before sending the pack data when
> +     POSTing data using the smart HTTP transport.  This is done by
> +     requesting a 100 Continue response.  For requests larger than
> +     'http.postBuffer', this is required when using GSS-Negotiate
> +     (Kerberos) authentication over HTTP.  However, some proxies do not
> +     handle the protocol exchange gracefully; for them, this option must be
> +     disabled.  Defaults to disabled.

It's not only your company's proxy that might mishandle 100-continue
but the target server's reverse proxy (or from the point of view of
the user, the target server), right?

I think the wording could be clearer about the impact of the setting
("some proxies and reverse proxies" or something).

Perhaps this should be conditional on the authentication method used,
so affected people could still contact broken servers without having
different configuration per server and without having to wait a second
for the timeout.

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