On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 5:19 AM, Miles Bader <mi...@gnu.org> wrote:
> 2013/10/13 Eric Sunshine <sunsh...@sunshineco.com>:
>> Here "staged".
> ...
>> But here "stage".
> The inconsistency is weird, but isn't the term "staged" a bit odd with
> something that affects the future...?
> "Apply to the stage" seems a reasonable english phrasing, but "staged"
> seems more awkward...

That's true, I was thinking since this was supposed to be a
non-intrusive change, it would make sense to keep close to the
--cached option, but the synonym is actually --index, not --cached. So
--stage makes more sense from those two points of view.

Felipe Contreras
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