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John Szakmeister wrote:
On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 11:55 PM, Felipe Contreras
<> wrote:
Similarly, if a user does core.mode = next, the user is expecting to enable all future behaviors, because that's what core.mode = next does, if he doesn't want
to do that, then why would he use that option?

Would this be a good time to suggest a specific wording should be proposed (or a reminder of what was proposed repeated) for the documentation of this option. It will be the documentation that users will refer to when they need to know, rather than the list discussions.

The too and fro discussion suggested that it would be important to present the chosen viewpoint well, so there would be no misunderstanding, such that 'users' of the mode realise that they are acting as testers, and there are no promises for the posterity of any trial behaviour, and they (the tester) have a 'caveat emptor' responsibility. And that they need to keep up with developments (list & release notes) so that at any update they know what will disappear and appear without warning.


Felipe Contreras

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