In a repository, I have a repeatable crash when pushing a ref to a
remote. The cause seems very simple, and it's more unclear to me why
this doesn't happen more often.

The cause, as I understand it:

git_transport_push() calls send_pack() which calls pack_objects()
which calls start_command(), which closes the output file descriptor
(known in start_command() as "cmd->out" and in git_transport_push() as

git_transport_push(), immediately following the call to send_pack(),
also closes the file descriptor. Adding error handling to this close()
call shows that it fails with EBADF for a normal push (one that
doesn't crash.)

In my crashing scenario, the file descriptor has been reused between
the first close() and the second incorrect close(), for opening a pack
file. So the second close() closes the pack file, leaving a 'struct
packed_git' object with a "dangling" pack_fd member. Later on, mmap()
is called to map the contents of the pack file, but at this point the
file descriptor has been reused yet again for a zero-length lock file,
and so mmap() succeeds but returns no accessible memory, and we crash
when accessing it.

It would be trivial to fix this by simply removing the close() call in
git_transport_push(), but I imagine this might cause a file descriptor
leak in other cases instead.

Thoughts on this?

/ Jens
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