On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 4:30 PM, Karsten Blees <karsten.bl...@gmail.com> wrote:

>>> Could you post details about your test setup? Are you still using
>>> WebKit for your tests?
>> I'm on Win7 x64, Core i5 M560, WD 7200 Laptop HDD, NTSF, no virus
>> scanner, truecrypt, no defragger.
> OK, so truecrypt and luafv may screw things up for you (according to my 
> measurements, luafv roughly doubles lstat times on C:).

Aren't we disabling UAC / LUAFV on a per-executable basis using
manifests? At least the blog article at [1] suggests that we are in
fact doing it the right way using our script to genera the manifests

Oh but wait, we're not generating a manifest for git.exe itself, only
for executables that contain "setup", "install", "update", "patch"
etc. So maybe having a manifest for git.exe, too, would improve


Sebastian Schuberth
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