Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> In summary: changing is painful. The case of "git add" was really bad,
> since the same command had different behavior depending on the options
> given, so it was clearly worth the pain. In the case of "git grep", the
> current behavior is not _that_ bad, so nobody bothered to do the change.
> (by "do the change", I mean propose a migration plan, convince people
> that it is good, ...)
> I'd personally be slightly in favor of changing to tree-wide, but
> without strong opinion.

After reading that old thread again, I tend to think that the only
reason to favor "git grep" to start at the $(cwd) is the backward
compatibility.  While I do expect that many people will be annoyed
when "git grep" (no pathspecs) that is run in a subdirectory starts
spitting out a large number of hits from places irrelevant for the
current task at hand, hits from outside the $(cwd) is something they
can _notice_ easily and their fingers will quickly learn to add "."
without even thinking.

I suspect that it would be too late for 2.0 we want to do sometime
early next year, though.
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