I have this situation and an accompanying sample repository
reproducing the issue:


* I would like to rebase and delete a spurious ancestor merge commit
(bbd8966 in the example).

* When I do that, however, a successor merge commit (97ba1d7) that has
the ancestor merge commit (bbd8966) fails with the noted error:

error: Commit 97ba1d761f60b901f56766886da4ed678e56abea is a merge but
no -m option was given. fatal: cherry-pick failed Could not pick
The expected result for me is that a new merge commit that merges
6b8c765 (which now occupies the topological spot of the previous
spurious commit, bbd8966) and 11d8b92.

What am I doing wrong here? Is there a way to fix multiple instances
of this in a history without doing tedious cherry-picking?


~ jf
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