On 10/23/2013 08:45 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:
>> Rename "refs" -> "refspecs" and "ref_count" -> "refspec_count" to
>> reduce confusion, because they describe an array of "struct refspec",
>> as opposed to the "struct ref" objects that are also used in this
>> function.
> Good.  In general, we'd prefer to name an array of things that are
> primarily walked in the index order "thing[]", so that "thing number
> 3" can be spelled thing[3] (not things[3]) in the code, though.

Since I didn't change singular -> plural or vice versa in this patch,
it's a bit off topic, but in case you are curious I prefer plural to
distinguish which pointers point at lists or arrays as opposed to single
objects.  This convention conveniently leaves the singular available to
name a variable that is used for a single object; for example, in a loop

    struct thing thing = things[i];

(The convention in SQL is different: tables are usually named using
singular nouns.  But that makes sense in SQL because there is not really
a way to reference a single row in a table as an aggregate, so there is
no need to reserve the singular noun for that purpose.  In fact, in
SELECT statements the table name often appears in a context that makes
it look like it does refer to a single row:

    SELECT employee.name, employee.salary FROM ...

So I think it makes sense to use different conventions in C vs. SQL.)


Michael Haggerty
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