Jeff King <> writes:

> A similar series has been running on for the past couple of
> months, though not every repository has had bitmaps turned on (but some
> very busy ones have).  We've hopefully squeezed out all of the bugs and
> corner cases over that time. However, I did rebase this on a more modern
> version of "master"; among other conflicts, this required porting the
> git-repack changes from shell to C. So it's entirely possible I've
> introduced new bugs. :)
> The idea and original implementation for bitmaps comes from Shawn and
> Colby, of course. The hard work in this series was done by Vicent Marti,
> and he is credited as the author in most of the patches. I've added some
> window dressing and helped a little with debugging and review. But along
> with Vicent, I should be able to help with answering questions for
> review, and as time goes on, I'm familiar enough with the code to deal
> with bugs and reviewing future changes.

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