Hello everybody

I am looking into the git configuration mechanism and there seem to 
be a "hole" in use cases I'm trying to figure out...

git configurations can be saved at various places

* /etc/gitconfig : system-wide configuration
* ~/.gitconfig : user-wide configuration
* .git/config : repository-wide configuration

however I can't find a way to have the repository's configuration 
saved and transmited with the repository in a way similar to how
.gitignore is transmitted...

Saving some configuration information within a repository is not 
unknown in git. .gitignore does it, and submodule configuration 
does it to.

I think it's important to have a way to have configuration options
be saved in a repository (and overridable with .git/config which 
is local-repository only) because a lot of configurationoptions
 are meant to express repository policies (triangular workflows,
merge vs rebase, mail vs push) and it would make sense to have
them transmitted that way.

Knowing how mature git is I can only assume that this has already
been discussed and that there is a good reason not to do it. Is it
because of hooks ? would it break something I don't see in git ?

git (the project) shouldn't enforce policies on repositories, but
I think it makes sense for repositories to have a way to set default
policies on their clone...



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