On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 07:06:29PM +0200, arnaud brejeon wrote:

> I dont know if you plan to keep GIT_ASKPASS as is, but this
> environment variable is not mentioned on git svn documentation and I
> guess just a few people know about it. Moreover, the name is
> misleading as it handles all the prompts, not only the password one.

Yes, the "askpass" name is a little odd, but it is historical. The
calling convention was invented for ssh, who used that name (and we do
respect SSH_ASKPASS if it is set). Besides being a lousy name for
requesting non-password data, it's also a lousy program for doing it.
There's no way for the caller to specify "this is not a password", so
the program always hides the characters as they are typed. It's one of
the reasons the "git credential" subsystem was invented, which has a
more flexible interface.

The askpass variables are documented in "git help credentials". However,
the rest of that document does not apply to git-svn, which is unlike the
rest of git in the way it handles authentication. So it might or might
not make sense to point to it from the git-svn docs. Patches welcome if
you want to look into it.

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