Johannes Sixt <> writes:

>> +    for count in 1 2 3 4 5
>> +    do
>> +            git merge-base --reflog base $(cat derived$count) >actual &&
>> +            test_cmp expect$count actual || break
>> +    done &&
> This does not work as intended because the exit code of 'break' is always
> zero. Unlike 'exit' and 'return', it does *not* pick up the exit code of
> the last command that was executed.

You are right. I obviously was not thinking straight.

> You could put the loops into a function from which you 'return',
> but that is obscure in this case. The first iteration was better,
> IMO.

I do not think using "return 1" is a good thing to do, either.

We saw breakages with different shells around the use of "return"
and we know the original "exit 1 inside subshell" works reliably

I'll send out a revamped version later today, updating not just the
test but the implementation.

Thank for a dose of sanity.
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