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I'm building git on x86_64-pc-solaris2.11 (OpenIndiana 151a8,
one of the opensource distributions that came out of the OpenSolaris

Although git is quite portable, there are a couple of long-standing issues
with configure when building on Solaris (what libraries are needed for
socket() and related network functions, and how to get gettext()).  When
patching configure.ac for these issues, it's necessary to rebuild
configure from configure.ac.

Unfortunately, git doesn't include the one non-standard m4 macro it
depends on, TYPE_SOCKLEN_T.  This makes it impossible to completely
rebuild configure from configure.ac.

It would be nice if git would do what other packages do in this situation:
ship (probably in a "m4" or "build-aux" directory) all the non-standard
m4 macros that the package requires.

Note also that TYPE_SOCKLEN_T is the deprecated name of that macro, the
current version appears to be AX_TYPE_SOCKLEN_T.  See:


If possible, please consider including this macro in future versions of
the git releases.


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