Jeff King <> writes:

> From: Vicent Marti <>
> The POSIX standard doesn't currently define a `nothll`/`htonll`

typo: ntohll

> function pair to perform network-to-host and host-to-network
> swaps of 64-bit data. These 64-bit swaps are necessary for the on-disk
> storage of EWAH bitmaps if they are not in native byte order.
> +#            include <byteswap.h>

Do we need a hack on top similar to what ntoh_l and hton_l do, for
platforms that do not support unaligned access?

---- read-cache.c:1316 ----
#define ntoh_s(var) ntohs(var)
#define ntoh_l(var) ntohl(var)
static inline uint16_t ntoh_s_force_align(void *p)
        uint16_t x;
        memcpy(&x, p, sizeof(x));
        return ntohs(x);
static inline uint32_t ntoh_l_force_align(void *p)
        uint32_t x;
        memcpy(&x, p, sizeof(x));
        return ntohl(x);
#define ntoh_s(var) ntoh_s_force_align(&(var))
#define ntoh_l(var) ntoh_l_force_align(&(var))

Thomas Rast
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