On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 6:23 AM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> * kb/fast-hashmap (2013-10-22) 12 commits
>  - remove old hash.[ch] implementation
>  - read-cache.c: fix memory leaks caused by removed cache entries
>  - name-hash.c: remove cache entries instead of marking them CE_UNHASHED
>  - name-hash.c: use new hash map implementation for cache entries
>  - name-hash.c: remove unreferenced directory entries
>  - name-hash.c: use new hash map implementation for directories
>  - diffcore-rename.c: use new hash map implementation
>  - diffcore-rename.c: simplify finding exact renames
>  - diffcore-rename.c: move code around to prepare for the next patch
>  - buitin/describe.c: use new hash map implementation
>  - add a hashtable implementation that supports O(1) removal
>  - submodule: don't access the .gitmodules cache entry after removing it
>  Improvements to our hash table to get it to meet the needs of the
>  msysgit fscache project, with some nice performance improvements.
>  The preparatory clean-up to submodule from Jens is at the bottom. I
>  also squashed in a fix-up by Karsten found at $gmane/236468 (please
>  double-check the result).

jk/pack-bitmap adds khash.h, which from a first glance looks like yet
another hash table implementation. I was just wondering if kb's new
hash tables can cover the need of pack-bitmap.c too so we can remove
khash.h later..
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