Thomas Rast <> writes:

> Michael Haggerty <> writes:
> On IRC you said you would like a version that always acts as
> --no-commit, and simply returns the conflict/no conflict bit as usual.
> The caller would then proceed using commit-tree itself.  I think that is
> probably a saner solution than this "output ref" idea.

I just had a huge facepalm moment.  We already have this option.  It is
called git-merge-recursive.

That is,

  git merge-recursive $(git merge-base --all HEAD other) -- HEAD other

will internally do all the work that 'git merge other' would do, but not
update any refs.  With this series, you can therefore say

  git merge-recursive --index-only $(git merge-base --all HEAD other) -- HEAD 

and get an *index-only* merge of HEAD and other.

Can you see if this is enough to build git-imerge on top of it?
Otherwise I'm glad to help with building the git-merge infrastucture to
support it.

I'll send v2 of the series in a minute; the only change is that I
changed the internal flag semantics as per Junio's comment in

Thomas Rast
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