On 10/26/2013 07:03 PM, Stefan Beller wrote:
> The function 'invalidate_ref_cache' was introduced in 79c7ca5 (2011-10-17,
> invalidate_ref_cache(): rename function from invalidate_cached_refs())
> by a rename and elevated to be publicly usable in 8be8bde (2011-10-17,
> invalidate_ref_cache(): expose this function in the refs API)
> However it is not used anymore, as 8bf90dc (2011-10-17, write_ref_sha1():
> only invalidate the loose ref cache) and (much) later 506a760 (2013-04-22,
> refs: change how packed refs are deleted) removed any calls to this
> function. So it seems as if we don't need that function any more,
> good bye!

Looks good.  Stefan, thanks for cleaning up after me!


Michael Haggerty
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