Hi, list!

See below.


agladysh@work-1:~/tmp/git$ git --version
git version

agladysh@work-1:~/tmp/git$ cat ./test.sh

set -e

mkdir alpha
cd alpha
git init

mkdir beta
echo "gamma" > beta/gamma
git add beta/gamma
git commit -m "initial commit"

mv beta delta
ln -s delta beta
git stash

agladysh@work-1:~/tmp/git$ ./test.sh
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/agladysh/tmp/git/alpha/.git/
[master (root-commit) 9c6138f] initial commit
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
 create mode 100644 beta/gamma
error: 'beta/gamma' is beyond a symbolic link
fatal: Unable to process path beta/gamma
Cannot save the current worktree state

agladysh@work-1:~/tmp/git$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 12.10
Release: 12.10
Codename: quantal
agladysh@work-1:~/tmp/git$ uname -a
Linux work-1 3.5.0-34-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 6 20:18:19 UTC
2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
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