Thomas Rast wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> > Support for just the sticked form is better than nothing, especially
> > if the gitk(1) manpage gains a note about it.  In the long run I guess
> > the ideal would be to add a parse-options-like library to the tcl
> > support.
> Ok.  I'm generally not happy with the state of that manpage, so I took
> the chance to improve it.
> [...]
> I'll hold the gitk patches until we get this one sorted out, but then
> just do the sticked form as before.

Ok, there weren't any comments and this patch is in 'next', so here's
gitk -L built on top of it.

I'm sending this as a single topic, but once agreement is reached, it
has to be applied in two parts: the gitk patches (1-5) need to be
subtree-rebased to match gitk.git, and then merged separately, while
the documentation patches (6&7) need to be applied directly.  The
latter depend on the patch I'm replying to.

Changes since v1:

* 1/7 is new; while investigating the sticked/unsticked issue, I
  noticed that -G is not even supported by gitk.

* 3/7 has improved snipping logic, to get rid of an extra empty line
  before the diff

* 5/7 has a slightly different comment pointing out that this is only
  the sticked form of -L

* 6&7 are new, to resolve the sticky issue

Thomas Rast (7):
  gitk: support -G option from the command line
  gitk: refactor per-line part of getblobdiffline and its support
  gitk: split out diff part in $commitinfo
  gitk: support showing the gathered inline diffs
  gitk: recognize -L option
  Documentation: put blame/log -L in sticked form
  Documentation/gitk: document -L option

 Documentation/blame-options.txt |   8 +-
 Documentation/git-blame.txt     |   8 +-
 Documentation/git-log.txt       |   6 +-
 Documentation/gitk.txt          |  12 ++
 gitk-git/gitk                   | 467 +++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 5 files changed, 293 insertions(+), 208 deletions(-)


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