On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 03:03:40PM +0100, Sebastian Schuberth wrote:

> I'm currently looking at subtree's Makefile and wondering why the
> generated markup docs is git-subtree.xml, and not git-subtree.html
> like for the rest of the git commands. I have not looked at
> git-subtree.xml because I'm lacking asciidoc right now, but is it just
> a matter of changing the file extension from .xml to .html, or does
> generating a HTML file involve more work?

The XML is an intermediate format for the manpage; the original source
is .txt, from which asciidoc generate docbook .xml, from which xmlto
generate the roff git-subtree.1.

If you want HTML, you need to have asciidoc generate .html from the .txt
directly (you probably _can_ generate it from docbook, but that is more
complicated, and not how regular git commands work).

I think this would do what you want:

diff --git a/contrib/subtree/Makefile b/contrib/subtree/Makefile
index 435b2de..e9026da 100644
--- a/contrib/subtree/Makefile
+++ b/contrib/subtree/Makefile
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ GIT_SUBTREE    := git-subtree
 GIT_SUBTREE_DOC := git-subtree.1
 GIT_SUBTREE_XML := git-subtree.xml
 GIT_SUBTREE_TXT := git-subtree.txt
+GIT_SUBTREE_HTML := git-subtree.html
 all: $(GIT_SUBTREE)
@@ -46,6 +47,10 @@ $(GIT_SUBTREE_XML): $(GIT_SUBTREE_TXT)
        asciidoc -b docbook -d manpage -f $(ASCIIDOC_CONF) \
                -agit_version=$(gitver) $^
+       asciidoc -b xhtml11 -d manpage -f $(ASCIIDOC_CONF) \
+               -agit_version=$(gitver) $^
        $(MAKE) -C t/ test
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