Karl Wiberg <k...@treskal.com> wrote:

> With "gitk --first-parent", I get a graph that only follows the first
> parent of every merge---perfect if you always merge topic branches
> into the main branch. However, the diff shown is still the normal
> merge diff, and not the diff between the new tree and the first
> parent's tree---is it possible to make it do that instead?

I once posted a patch that adds a "First parent" checkbox to gitk's
window: <http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/160920>

The patch no longer applies today, but I can send an updated version that
does, if there's interest.

The topic didn't go anywhere for two reasons:

1) There's the confusion about history traversal option (the existing
--first-parent command-line option) versus diff option (the new check
box); they have similar names, but control different things (and it
should be possible to control these independently).

2) Space is short in the diff pane; you need to make the window rather
wide to see them all.

I didn't have the energy to drive these to a resolution back then; if you
could do that, it would be great. Personally I'm using my own gitk with
my patch applied, and I do use the "First parent" checkbox rather often.

Stefan Haller
Berlin, Germany
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