2013/10/30 Marc Branchaud <marcn...@xiplink.com>:
> On 13-10-30 08:47 AM, Nicolas Cornu wrote:
>> This is useful on all our repos, every times, as we put a tag per day.
>> If the HEAD didn't move during 150 days, we got 150 tags.
>> So, it depends, maybe can I put it as an option in Edit > Preferences?
> Eek, even with a scrollbar, 150 tags seems like a lot to pan over.
Now, it works pretty well and is easier than mouse middle-click which
acts strangely for me.
> I've often thought it would be good for gitk to combine multiple ref names
> into some kind of dropdown or view-on-hover list.  (I don't know anything
> about Tcl/Tk, so I don't know what's feasible.)  So if a commit has more than
> a couple of branches (and/or tags), only show the first branch name along
> with a glyph indicating that there are more, and let the user click on (or
> hover over) that glyph to see all the branches (or tags -- that is, still
> keep the tags and branches displayed separately).
It doesn't change that if you got 150 tags, when you will show them
up, you will need to scroll.
>                 M.
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