On 2013-10-30 08:52, Stas Cherkassky wrote:

Shallow clone (if that's what you meant) is not suitable because it
doesn't allow to push/pull to/from this shallow repository.

Still?  I think there were some work on making shallow clone to
allowing push/pull to/from it.

I understand that generally git is designed to preserve the history.
But the problem is real,  and probably is not unique to our project.
The fact that there ARE some ways to modify history (collapse commits,
rebase, filter-branch) made me hopeful that what I need is also

By the very nature of git, namely that the 'parent' link to previous
(as in: this is based on it) commit or commits, is SHA-1 of said commit,
and SHA-1 identifier of commit is based on contents including 'parent'

Both rebase and filter-branch _rewrite_ history (i.e. make modified
copy of history, and let you replace old history by new).

You could try to use father or shallow clone, namely *grafts*, to
'cauterize' history, but there remains same problems as with shallow
clone, perhaps with exception that git won't check things for you.

Jakub Narębski

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