I'm trying to clone an svn repository to git in preparation for a migration to 
git, including all branches and tags.

The clone is taking a long time, and it looks like every time it detects a 
possible branch point it backs up and reprocesses a bunch of old commits.  For 

r43224 = f308bd7765f9923143f3883a903aebf9ac70aa42 
Found branch parent: (refs/remotes/tags/etl_app_project-2.1.3) 
Following parent with do_switch
Successfully followed parent
r43225 = 0beb90a63bd0abb552ac3d36c304649dc03c402f 
Found possible branch point: http://svn-server:81/svn/DevJava/trunk/ETL/etl_app 
=> http://svn-server:81/svn/DevJava/trunk/etl_app, 44876
Initializing parent: refs/remotes/trunk@44876
r1296 = 39f1370bef9b75a5848c184befa47b999d0db73a (refs/remotes/trunk@44876)
W: +empty_dir: trunk/ETL/etl_app/src
r1697 = a68b473c64a80882c7b665fb128a12dfa8e9c355 (refs/remotes/trunk@44876)
W: +empty_dir: trunk/ETL/etl_app/src/main
r1698 = e18bd0b80ed9dd398d49bff04ca9650292f2f36d (refs/remotes/trunk@44876)

I don't understand why, for each possible branch/tag, it has to go all the way 
back to such an old commit and start over again.

Is this normal or is something amiss?
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