This is totally unrelated to this thread, but I am seeing a strange
error from the "let's make sure we won't write null sha1" code we
added recently.  This reproduces reliably for me, even in a freshly
cloned repository without previous rerere records:

 - Check out v1.8.4.1

   $ git checkout v1.8.4.1^0

   at this point your HEAD should be detached.

 - Apply the first patch from this series

   $ git am -3

 - Apply the second patch from this series

   $ git am -3

   Up to this point things should advance smoothly

 - Attempt to apply the second patch _again_.

   $ git am -3

   This should detect a no-op, but somehow leaves things in a
   conflicted state.  I haven't looked into what is wrong, but this
   message is not about this failure.

 - Try to discard

   $ git am --abort
   error: cache entry has null sha1: remote-curl.c
   fatal: unable to write new index file

   This should not happen, no?

"git reset --hard" will remove the funnies, but still...
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